About Us

At Gleesia, we mainly manage pendant lights as interior design. We believe in helping people create dream homes with lighting that fits into their living spaces. Founded in China in 2021, our company cooperates with a lighting factory and we created Gleesia as an online lighting store based on the Shopify platform, making it easy for consumers and traders to buy lighting fixtures.

We would offer our design advice and interior lighting knowledge to help you through emails, online chats and phone calls. Our mission to inspire and deliver some of our good designs to some countries or areas has led the company to be better through our website. Our customer service team will provide you with prompt answers to your questions and follow up on your orders carefully. Meanwhile, we can customize products to meet your specific needs and preferences. We aim to simplify the process of finding beautiful, unique lighting for every room in your home. We want to inspire you and help you to create the home of your dreams and light up your everyday life at the same time.

The name Gleesia, derived from "Glee" (joy) and "Esia" (a nod to a place of beauty), embodies our commitment to infuse each product with happiness and our relentless pursuit of a quality lifestyle.

At Gleesia, we believe that every ray of light tells a story, and each illumination is a warm embrace from your home.

Craftsmanship Reimagined, Each Piece Exceptional

Collaborating closely with designers and master craftsmen, each Gleesia pendant light undergoes meticulous design and rigorous material selection, assuring not only beauty but also durability, making them heirloom pieces in your home. Our pursuit goes beyond soft, even lighting; it's about design narratives that touch hearts, ensuring every glance upwards fills you with the beauty and extraordinariness of life.

Sustainable Illumination, Lighting the Path to a Greener Future

In the pursuit of beauty, Gleesia actively embraces the concept of sustainability. We promote the use of energy-efficient light sources, encourage the recycling of materials, and work hand in hand with partners who are also committed to eco-friendly production to reduce the burden on the planet. Choosing a Gleesia chandelier is choosing a greener, low-carbon lifestyle.

The Heart of Service Follows You

We recognize that an exceptional shopping experience is paramount. Therefore, Gleesia pledges personalized consulting services, expert installation guidance, and hassle-free after-sales support. Whether you seek the artwork that brightens your living room or the spark of inspiration for your study, the Gleesia team stands beside you, ensuring your selection seamlessly integrates into your living space.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any interests or inquiries. We will respond within 12 hours to assist you.

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